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    Question: How do I buy fish?
    Answer: Touch the Store button below, select the Fish tab, touch the Buy button under the picture of the fish you want to buy, confirm your choice (Buy) and touch the screen as many times as many fish you want to buy. To stop buying fish touch the Store button again.
    Question: What actions can I do offline?
    Answer: Without Internet connection you can feed fish move them to another tank, put decorations into the bag and take them out of it, move, rotate, shrink and enlarge decorations.
    Question: I bought fish - why are they so small?
    Answer: Because those are baby fish you bought. Feed them and wait until they grow and become big and beautiful.
    Question: How fast do the fish grow?
    Answer:Every fish has the growth characteristic which shows the time a fish needs to grow one level. Mind that if a fish is starving, it stops growing, that's why fish should be periodically fed to grow.
    Question: Why doesn't a pet bring any bonuses?
    Answer: Either it has already reached 11th level of its growth, or it is just hungry (sick/dead).
    Question: Does the fish food ever come to an end?
    Answer: No, it is infinite.
    Question: How do I feed my friend's predator fish?
    Answer: You cannot do that. Predator fish eat babyfish bought for coins and the only person who can put new babyfish into a tank is a tank's owner.
    Question: When feeding my neighbour's fish the experience points go up for a while and then go down. Why?
    Answer: It means, that someone else had fed them a couple of seconds before you.
    Question: How do I feed predator fish?
    Answer: 1st level predator fish eat usual feedstuff. Starting with level 2 they should be fed with baby fish bought for coins! Predator fish do not eat fish purchased for diamonds (other predator fish or pets).
    Question: How do I earn money?
    Answer: You get coins for selling the fish. You can see the amount you will get in the fish description at the store. Price can grow 4 times when a fish reaches 5 level.
    Question: Why can not I sell the fish?
    Answer: Probably you are trying to sell a baby fish (1 level fish). Baby fish can not be sold.
    Question: When is it more profitable to sell fish?
    Answer: Price and experience you get are maximum when a fish is level 5.
    Question: What will happen if I don't feed the fish and pets?
    Answer: After the fish or a pet gets hungry it stops growing. Some time after that they get sick and won't eat anything. If you don't cure and feed the fish and pets, they can die.
    Question: How do I cure and revive the fish?
    Answer: Touch a sick or dead fish - you will see the dialog with the price stated to cure or revive the fish. Touch "Cure" or "Revive" button. Fish bought with diamonds can be revived with coins and vice versa.
    Question: How fast will a fish get sick and die if I don't take care about it?
    Answer: Any fish will remain healthy for more than a day. Then it will get sick. I.e. any fast-growing fish won't die till three days pass from the moment you've fed it the last time.
    How do I use pills?
    Answer: Tap on a fish and press the appropriate button on the game panel. Using different pills you can shrink, enlarge or make your fish 1 level older.
    Question: What should I do with the auto feeder when it stops functionning? (in 7/30 days)
    Answer: You can refill it with a 50% of its nominal cost. To do so, please, tap on it and then push the 'Refill' button. Only empty Auto-feeders can be refilled.
    Question: How many tanks can I create?
    Answer: Ten tanks. You can upgrade each to contain 30 fish.
    Question: How do I place fish and decorations into another tank?
    Answer: You should touch a fish you would like to move and then push the 'Move to another tank' button on tool panel (bottom). Pets can not be moved!
    Question: How do I add friends in the game?
    Answer: You can add someone who already plays Aqualife - he will be shown in the list of your friends under the game. Or you can switch to the end of your friends' list under the game and push 'Invite a friend' button!
    Question: How do I delete abandoned friends' tanks?
    Answer: Delete those friends from your friends on network or ask them to delete the game.
    Question: Why do I need friends in the game?
  • You can daily help your friends raising their fish and get experience for that.
  • Friends can send you gifts: fish, decorations.
  • Friends will feed your fish when you can not do it yourself.
  • You will need a certain number of friends in a game to purchase certain goods in the store.
    Question: How do I send gifts?
    Answer: Enter your friend's aquarium and touch the 'Send a gift' button, select the gift and push 'Send'.
    Question: What happens with the declined gifts?
    Answer: They disappear. Note that no coins or diamonds will not be returned to a sender, and the 'Generous presenter' task counter won't get lower.
    Question: Where do I find tasks?
    Answer: You can see the list of tasks in 'My achievements' section which appears when you touch a gold medal on top of the screen.
    Question: How many items can be kept in a chest?
    Answer: 10 items, but you can expand your chest.
    Question: How many gifts can I keep in a gift-box and for how long?
    Answer: A usual player can keep up to 20 gifts, a VIP-player - up to 40. The gifts can be kept there forever, till the player accepts them and makes some place for new gifts.
    Question: Which fish are cichlids, catfish, goldfish, labyrinth fish and tang fish?
  • Pterophyllum altum
  • Electric blue hap
  • Pseudotropheus
  • Blue Dolphin
  • Tropheus moorii
  • Blue akara
  • Pterophyllum scalare
  • Parrotfish
  • Apistogramma
  • Pelvicachromis pulcher
  • Flowerhorn cichlid
  • Uaru amphiacanthoides
  • Labidochromis coeruleus
  • African jewelfish
  • Livingston's Cichlid
  • Giraffe Hap
  • Mesonauta
  • Cyphotilapia frontosa
  • Half-black scalare
  • Cockatoo dwarf cichlid

  • Corydoras
  • Ancistrus
  • Hypancistrus zebra
  • Pangasius sutchi
  • Asian bumblebee catfish

  • Oranda
  • Golden fish
  • Telescope
  • Celestial eye
  • Ranchu
  • Shubunkin
  • Veiltail goldfish
  • Comet goldfish

  • Blue gourami
  • Pearl gourami
  • Chocolate gourami
  • Siamese fighting fish
  • Paradise fish

    Butterfly fish
  • Copperband butterflyfish
  • Longnose Butterflyfish
  • Eight-striped Butterflyfish
  • Threadfin butterflyfish
  • Lord Howe butterflyfish
  • Scrawled Butterflyfish
  • Speckled butterflyfish
  • Phantom bannerfish
  • Chaetodon xanthurus
  • Prognathodes guyanensis
  • Chaetodon declivis

    Tang fish:
  • Blue Tang
  • Blue Tang Surgeonfish
  • Striped surgeonfish
  • Black-eared surgeonfish
  • Chevron Tang
  • Yellow Tang
  • Black Tang
  • Sailfin Tang
  • Schooling bannerfish
  • Orangespine unicornfish

    Royal gramma, Bumblebee Goby: are only available among the Gifts.
    Question: How can I quickly progress in the game?
    Here's the list of actions you can earn XP, coins and diamonds with. You get:
  • XP for selling and buying fish (the amount of XP and coins you get is shown in the full fish description which you can see after you push 'Buy' button in the Store)
  • XP for curing and reviving your own fish (5 and 100 XP correspondingly) and your neighbours' fish (20 and 150 XP)
  • XP for buying decorations
  • XP for feeding your friends' fish
  • XP for sending gifts to your friends
  • XP for refilling your friend's auto-feeder
  • 1-5 diamonds for reaching the next level in the game
  • bonus coins, XP and diamonds for completing achievement tasks
    Question: How do I get a grand prize?
    Perform 20 daily tasks within 1 calendar month. Grand prize changes every month.

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